Wet phone – iPhone, Samsung

If your cell phone gets wet, do the following:

  1. Turn it off immediately if it is still powered on so as to prevent the damage due to short circuit.
  2. Take out SIM card, SD cards or other peripheral devices or components
  3. Wipe out water from the external surface including ports and openings with a dry cloth.
  4. Take out the battery if it is possible or convenient to do so.
  5. To dry out the water or moisture inside the phone, put it on the dashboard of the car parked on the sun and leave it there for 4-6 hrs. Your phone should be hot enough to evaporate the moisture inside the phone.
  6. Try powering on the phone. If your phone flickers, immediately power it off and let it lay on the dashboard longer.

Note: The drying technique using dry rice mentioned in most of the blogs may either take longer or damage your phone