Collaborative Play Against Global Warming (An Educational Board Game)

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Play, have fun, and be aware!


Educational Objective: To collaborate for achieving a common goal of keeping the world sustainable for the future generation

Central Mechanics: To keep on moving (progress) to achieve the individual goal while considering both individual and collaborative role for long term sustainability.

Theme and Concept: It is a board game that instigates global warming awareness while having fun playing.


Player Roles

The four roles – Government, Factory, School, and Resident,  try to represent the whole society.

The government is a responsible entity trying to participate and implement recycling programs for the sustainability with incentives.

Factory: The factory is motivated by profits without worrying about the plumes of green gasses from the factory. It can be geared towards recycling through awareness, incentives, and regulations.

School: The institute can instill awareness in the students, playing an important role in this procedure

Resident: The small scale awareness among residents can have huge overall impact in the society.

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